Never Again Rwanda (NAR) is a human rights, peace-building organization whose mission is to enhance citizens’ capacity to analyze the root causes of conflict and facilitate dialogue among peers in order to generate ideas and activities that work towards sustainable peace and socio-economic development..

Guided by a vision of a nation where sustainable peace and development is driven by creative, involved and critical-thinking citizens, NAR aims to empower young people with opportunities to become active citizens.

NAR’s core programs focus on: 

1) Governance and Rights

2) Peace-Building

3) Research.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the activities undertaken by NAR in the different programs i.e. debates, public speaking competitions, citizen reporting trainings, CINEDUC, theatre performances, income-generating activities and vocational training, human rights, dialogue, sports, business projects, and leadership skills development.

As part of the strategies designed to achieve this mission, Never Again Rwanda has hosted cross-cultural exchange programs for international, regional and Rwandan university students since 2004. By facilitating an exchange of ideas between young people – those who have lived through genocide and those who wish to learn from them – Never Again Rwanda is building a network of global citizens who are committed to speaking out against human rights violations and taking action to build sustainable peace and development.

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